Beach Activities For Kids

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Beach Activities For Kids

Beach activities for kids

If you are planning your kids’ summer days, you must be thinking of heading to the shore. The bright sunshine and the cool ocean breezes will create an amazing time at the beach. The special beach activities that are easy to arrange will make the days at the beach even better and memorable. Do you have an idea of good beach activities that you can incorporate into your kids’ next beach vacation? Here are some ideas:

Scavenger hunt:

The activity involves creating a friendly little competition to see who’ll be the first to find certain things. They could be fascinating rocks, colorful ocean glass, the most exciting driftwood, or even the funniest looking seashells. Pair the younger kids with the older ones then create boundaries of the search area. Once you have set the time limit, allow the kids to go into the activity.

Kite flying: 

Spending time flying a kite while feeling it tag and pull as it dances in the wind is amongst the finest beach activities for kids. All it takes is a kite and a string. The brightly colored kites would definitely call for a photo-shoot. You can have a kite flying challenge where you’ll see who will be the first to get their kite up and to set it down.

Sand and castle competition:

Normally, kids are instinctively drawn into digging the sand. The sand and castle competition might require you to combine the younger and older kids, to see who can build the best or biggest castle. You’ll be glad to see the precarious kelp flags tentatively over the transient towers. Sure enough, you’ll also like the sound of squeals of delight as the waves crash into moats.


First draw a circle, a big one, in the sand. One kid is then chosen as the piranha. The piranha is supposed to chase everyone else, and once he/she tags another kid, the other kid also becomes a piranha and joins the chase. The trend continues and the last kid left is declared the winner.


The activity involves dividing kids into teams of equal strength. Then, a line is scratched on the sand between the two teams. Get a large diameter rope and let each team pull it opposing the team across the line. The team that manages to pull the other into from its side of the line becomes the winning team.

Snorkeling in wading water:  

Teaching kids about marine life and building their confidence is easy to do with snorkeling.  Grab some top snorkel gear and jump right on the snorkel train and maybe you’ll even see a sea turtle or some dolphins.

Beach touch football:

With this game, you mark off a 30-yard field on the sand. Towels may be used for goal markers. Then, the kids are divided into teams, and the game kicks off. A flag football could also be a good activity whereby kids play in the surf and introduces the element of water for more exercise and fun.


If there is not a volleyball set available at the beach, kids can use coolers or beach chairs for the net. For little kids, the beach ball may be used for the volleyball. The game is best played when boys play against girls.


Of all these activities, you are free to choose any that adapts to your kid’s situation. Make sure the activity you choose is fun to play, opens up your child’s imagination, is adaptable to the smaller kids, and keeps your kids moving. Use the activities as a starting point and create a memorable vacation for the kids. Carry a camera for each of these activities.

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